Market analysis, business development and sales

Global Insurance Technology Platform Company



  • Conducted a China insurance sector market study and determined strategic options, key segments for client growth opportunities and a roadmap for entry
  • Assisted the company in developing direct engagements with key targeted Chinese clients and then formally established an on-the-ground China team and office
  • Assisted the company with ongoing market profiling and client engagement
Integrated China Route-to-Market solution

Leading International Wine and Spirits Company



  • Formulated entry strategy and business plan
  • Established sales team, operations infrastructure and standard operating procedure across all dimensions of the business value chain from source country to consumer in China
  • Ongoing marketing and brand management support
  • Developing and growing key accounts and distributors within on- and off-trade channels and e-commerce platforms in the Chinese market
Market analysis and strategy; business development and sales

Leading Manufacturer of Port Handling and Wharf Equipment



  • Performed a comprehensive study of our client’s competitiveness in the Chinese as well as Russian/CIS loading arms, valves, furnaces and electric motors markets
  • Developed a comprehensive market entry strategy and assisted the client in establishing a sales network in the Russian/CIS markets
Market analysis and business development strategy

Leading Offshore Mining Company



  • Conducted an in-depth analysis and assessment of viable commercial and corporate vehicles that will facilitate the best possible presence and customer engagement in China

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