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Research, strategy formulation and implementation support to drive growth and profitability

Research and Analytics

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Develop a deeper strategic understanding of markets and industry dynamics:

  • Regional / country macro assessment (macroeconomic, socio-political, entry and exit barriers, risk, outlook, etc.)
  • Industry assessment (market dynamics, competitive landscape, channels to market, regulatory framework and policy investigation, key client attributes, etc.)
  • Global market studies and supply market assessment
  • Partner / competitor due diligence
  • Assessment of Chinese / Asian outbound engagement

Strategy Formulation

Identify and analyse growth opportunities and evaluate how to capture them:

  • International growth strategy, models and strategic positioning
  • Stakeholder / strategic partner / client identification, filtering and selection
  • Operational due diligence and optimisation strategy
  • Asia / Africa market entry strategy
  • China / Asia / Africa inbound and outbound opportunity assessment and prioritisation
  • China / Asia / Global sourcing (and supply) opportunity scoping

Strategy Implementation

Successfully implement strategies to drive performance and impact:

  • Stakeholder prioritisation and engagement
  • Partner negotiation and management
  • Business / action plan development
  • Organisation change management
  • Tender facilitation and support
  • Company operational set-up support
  • China / Asia / Africa field investigation

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