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We can supply you as an integrated sourcing & supply partner.

One point of contact offering an international solution spanning supplier identification, selection and sourcing; quality management; international supply chain and logistics management; and delivery / supply to the client site.

Our integrated sourcing and supply solutions cover:

Global Sourcing

Identify and manage qualified global suppliers. Enable effective global sources that meet quality, timeline and cost objectives:

• Global supply chain strategic intelligence
• Strategic sourcing
• Supplier identification, selection and management
• Contract terms management
• Demand and specification management
• Quality management and expediting
• Sourcing support
• Supplier relationship management
• Project and risk management

International Logistics

Manage complete international supply chain and logistics across transaction value chain:

• Control towers overseeing integrated supply networks
• Inventory management
• Logistics, supply chain and 3rd party management
• Transportation, warehousing
• Warehouse management and control
• Customs clearance management
• Supply chain finance

Supply to site / delivery / distribution

Provide integrated supply solutions for a variety of different industries, categories, products, components, technologies and services:

• Order delivery and processing
• Kitting – product assembly, repackaging, etc. within origin country
• Supply management and warehousing

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