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Integrated procurement solutions for small, medium and large capital projects.

End-to-end project management; sourcing & transaction management; quality management; and logistics management.

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Our role in project procurement is to support owner’s teams or their EPC / EPCMs

Axis Group International Global Procurement & Supply

We work with clients across the project & operating lifecycle

Complex Capital Project Procurement

Capital Project Procurement & Quality Management Service Offerings

Axis Service Offerings

Our solutions work across industries but focuses where our capabilities add value

Axis Group Capital Project Procurement & Quality Management

Case Study 1: Capex Project Procurement Solution for a Leading International Mining Company

Capex Project Procurement Solution

Case Study 2: Capital Project Procurement Solution for a Leading International Mining Company

Capital Project Procurement Solution - Mining

Axis Group offers various benefits to our clients across our solutions

Axis Group benefits

CAPEX procurement project management

Planning and coordination that give visibility and that de-risks the project – interfacing with all stakeholders across the project landscape:

• Project and risk management
• Global supply chain strategic intelligence
• Supply market analysis
• Contracting strategy
• Supplier performance evaluation process design
• Demand and specification management

Sourcing & transaction management

Commercial engagement and sourcing interventions that support project schedules and risk management:

• Document preparation
• Supplier identification, selection and management
• Negotiations; Sourcing optimization
• Contract terms management
• Supplier relationship management
• Operational purchasing management
• Supplier financial compliance monitoring
• Accounts payable processing

Quality management (QA/QC), inspection, testing & expediting

Rigorous quality management planning and execution:

• Sample collection and testing
• Site visits and supplier audits (commercial, technical, CSR and HSE)
• Quality management and expediting; Fabrication quality assurance and control
• Inspection and testing
• 3rd Party, subcontractor and sub-supplier management
• Installation and commissioning support
• Warranty Claims
• After-sales service support

Project logistics

End-to-end project logistics management:

• Control towers overseeing project supply networks
• Logistics, supply chain and 3rd party management
• International freight management and customs clearance
• Transportation, warehouse management and control
• Inventory management
• Supply chain finance
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Downloadable Brochures