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Position: . Admin Manager
Type: . Full-time
Reports to: . Senior Manager
Work location: . Beijing, China


  • Office Management
  • 办公室管理
    • Responsible for overall management of the office, sanitation, environment, maintenance, safety, door access etc.
    • 负责办公室的综合管理,包括卫生、环境、维护、安全、门禁系统等
    • Company meeting & office activities organization
    • 公司会议安排以及公司活动组织
    • Petty cash management, make sure reasonable usage and accurate record
    • 备用金管理,确保备用金使用合理、记录准确。
    • Manage routine purchase for daily operations
    • 管理维持办公室运营的日常采购
    • Trip support on travel policy under Covid, itinerary, tickets, hotel, car etc.
    • 提供差旅支持,包括疫情下的出差政策查询、行程安排、机票、酒店、用车等。
    • Fixed assets management, make sure accurate and in time update of the fixed assets
    • 固定资产管理,确保记录准确以及更新及时
  • General admin vendor management
  • 供应商管理
    • Responsible for vendor selection, negotiation, maintenance
    • 负责供应商的挑选、谈判及维护
    • Engagement with building property management
    • 负责与办公室大厦物业部门的沟通
    • Admin related contracts management and renewals
    • 行政相关合同的管理和续约跟进
  • Cross department cooperation
  • 跨部门合作
    • Provide necessary admin support on onboarding process. (seat, laptop, stationaries, training on office facilities usage)
    • 协助人事部门提供必要的入职准备,如座位安排、电脑、办公用品、会议室设备使用培训等。
    • Support on exit process (backup the laptop, clear record door access system etc.)
    • 协助员工离职的程序,如电脑资料备份,清空门禁系统等等
    • Work with finance to check on fixed assets, invoice, expenditure, budget, payment etc.
    • 与财务部门配合核对固定资产、发票、费用、预算、付款等
  • IT Management
  • IT管理
    • Monitor the stabilities of office internet & VPN, identify problems, and solve in time.
    • 监控办公室网络和VPN的稳定性,及时发现问题并予以解决
    • Manage the standards of office laptops and make right adjustments on configurations and budget.
    • 严格执行公司电脑采购标准,对于配置和预算有正确的判断
    • Effective communicate with IT from group company on important IT issues. (Virus, phishing emails, system update etc.)
    • 与母公司IT就重要的IT问题进行及时有效的沟通,如电脑病毒、钓鱼邮件、系统升级等
  • Admin Team Management
  • 行政团队管理
    • Enhance admin team working capability
    • 提高行政人员工作能力
    • Improve admin work efficacy and ensure deliver continuous improved performance
    • 提高行政工作效率,确保持续高效的工作表现


  • 5+ years relevant working experience in multinational environment.
  • 5年以上在多元文化环境的工作经验
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • 本科以上学历
  • Accuracy and attention to details.
  • 严谨且关注细节
  • Problem analysis, use of judgment and ability to solve problems efficiently.
  • 具有分析问题的能力,能够理性判断问题且高效解决问题
  • Team leader as well as individual player, problem solver, self-initiative, cooperating well with all levels.
  • 能领导团队工作,同事也可以独立担当,能积极主动的与不同层级的人合作
  • Possess a positive, flexible attitude, enthusiastic, hardworking, able to multi-task and stay calm under pressure.
  • 工作态度积极,为人灵活、热情、勤奋,具有同时处理多种任务的能力,遇事沉稳,压力之下也能保持冷静的头脑
  • High competency level in use of Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • 熟练试用office办公软件
  • Good command of both writing and oral English.
  • 英文书写、口语具佳
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