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Emerging markets’ export growth have rebounded amidst the pandemic, reaffirming their position in global supply chains. This is further aided by their capacity to export high-technology products

Date: 27 April 2022

Ten dynamic markets

China remains the world’s top global exporter, followed by traditional leaders in the EU, USA and developed Asia. However, a rise in the exports of emerging markets have begun to compete for these top spots. Various developing markets in Asia and the rest of the world have gained the capacity to supply higher value-added manufactured products. Increased importance should be placed on appropriate supplier diversification and making the correct supply cluster & category choices.

Trends: Amongst emerging markets, China continues to be both the world’s largest exporter as well as export leader amongst developing countries

  • China remains on top, however countries such as Mexico, Vietnam and India are vying to position themselves higher on the global export rankings
  • India’s export growth rate exceeds that of other emerging markets having grown by 43.3% in between 2020-2021, and overtaking Vietnam in the list of emerging market exporters
  • Most of the emerging markets in the top 30 global exporters focus on manufactured goods, except for Brazil mainly having metals & minerals and agriculture & forestry in the top 10 exports category

Upshot: Emerging markets, especially in Asia, are poised to meet a greater share of the global demand for manufactured goods

  • The top 30 global exporters in 2021 are expected to see further changes in export rankings in 2022 following supply chain disruptions and growth in developing markets
  • In high-technology manufactured goods (i.e., integrated circuits), Asian supply markets such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand will be leveraged to meet the demand, with existing expertise in this product category playing a crucial role amidst a global shortage
  • Emerging markets outside Asia are also expected to continue to grow, following gains made by Mexico, Poland, Brazil, and Turkey in 2021

Imperatives: Understanding which market to focus sourcing efforts on is becoming increasingly important as more supply clusters emerge for certain product categories

  • Procurement managers must continue to look at which markets to diversify to according to their appropriate product category requirements
  • Continue to monitor the growth of emerging markets such as Vietnam, Poland & Mexico who are climbing the global export rankings to compete with traditional leaders
  • Leverage supply clusters in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe that excel in certain product categories

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