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Axis Group International attended the 19th China International Meat Industry Exhibition (CIMIE 2021) held in Qingdao on 15-17 September 2021.

The event was organized jointly by the China Meat Association (CMA) and the International Meat Secretariat (IMS) for a period of 3 days at the Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition, which covered an area of nearly 70,000 square meters.

Qingdao Beef Event
Qingdao Beef Event September 2021

Nearly 1,000 exhibitors from all around the world came together to showcase a variety of products related to the meat industry.

Qingdao Beef Event Exhibitors
Qingdao Beef Event France Exhibition
Qingdao Beef Event Uruguay Exhibition

Among the goods displayed were livestock and poultry products, as well as machinery, equipment and technology used for processing, packaging, disinfecting and sanitizing meat and poultry related products.

Qingdao Beef Event Meat Exhibition
Qingdao Beef Event Beef Exhibition

Some of the other products exhibited were machinery and technological goods for livestock feeding & breeding, meat safety traceability and feed processing.

Qingdao Beef Event Machinery Exhibition

Visitors to the event included meat traders, processed meat suppliers, meat buyers from hotels, restaurants, public canteens in schools and business hubs, professionals from meat distribution, logistics, storage, sales and marketing and media and government authorities related to the meat industry.

Qingdao Beef Event Visitors

The exhibition saw meat exhibitors cook the meat they promoted while attendees sampled the food.

Qingdao Beef Event Food Samples
Qingdao Beef Event Foods
Qingdao Beef Event Demonstrations

During the 3 days, the exhibition also organised conference forums, contests, scientific and technological promotional events, etc. to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign meat enterprises as well as to boost the consumption of meat related products.

Qingdao Beef Event Conferences
Qingdao Beef Event Conference
Qingdao Beef Event Promotions
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