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Videocast by Kobus van der Wath – Founder and CEO

It has been a tumultuous year but the world is still grappling with a global pandemic, disruptions, uncertainties and severe economic fallout – the new normal. Things could not be more different from the way we used to live and work.

Axis Group International Founder & CEO, Kobus van der Wath, takes stock of developments over the past year and share perspectives on the shifts that have taken place in global supply chains and trade. How are the global exporter rankings changing – and which countries and supply markets have been able to hold their ground or make gains during these uncertain times?

He explores key changes and dynamics in the complex risk landscape for companies with globally integrated inbound and/or outbound supply chains. How to get the risk-radar right and what are the fundamental changes needed to future-proof supply chains?

He also outlines a high-level framework for top-management strategic choices and imperatives in boardrooms; and gets really practical with implementation-level matters around risk management and getting global procurement & supply right in the year ahead.

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