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  1. August – Sierra Leone: The Chinese embassy in Sierra Leone donated equipment aimed at supporting the country’s youth commission. Clothing, mobile phones, mountain bicycles and other sporting equipment were received by Sierra’s Leones Deputy Youth Affairs Minister, Lusine Kallon, and Youth Commissioner Ngolo Tom Katta
  2. August – Ethiopia: Chinese equipment and oil company Kerui Petroleum has successfully lifted the derrick and substructure at a drilling rig at Ethiopia’s Aluyo Langano Geothermal Project. The original deal was signed in February 2019 with Kerui Petroleum and Ethiopia’s state utility forming Ethiopian Electric Power. The contract will see two sets of 1500HP drilling rigs set up
  3. August – Zambia: Chinese firm Mango Tree Construction Limited has begun the handover process for the Ndola Industrial Park. Ndola is the provincial capital of the Copperbelt province, with the provincial minister, Japhen Mwakalombe, stating that the park will have 24 industrial workshops creating over 1,000 jobs

This article is produced by Axis Group and is published in The Econometer section of ChinAfrica magazine (September 2020), an English and French language monthly publication that provides news, views and analysis on all things China, Africa and China-Africa relations.

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