China hosted the second of iteration of their China International Trade Expo (CIIE) from 5th till 10th November. Inspecting the numbers of the expo, this year’s event is a strong follow up to the first with 3,893 exhibitors participating at the event, coming from 154 countries and 26 international organisations.

The exhibitors represented their interests to a vast number of potential buyers and investors with a specific focus from these buyers going to the 64 countries who had country-specific exhibits at the expo. Tourism boards, agriculture departments, and financial services providers worked alongside sellers at these exhibits to provide a more comprehensive engagement for potential opportunities.

Country Pavilions, such as South Africa’s pictured above, showcased many country-specific products to potential buyers, providing a one-stop area for potential buyers interested in what the countries had to offer. The expo area was divided into different halls depending on the sector of the exhibitors, ranging from automobile, equipment, medical devices, trade in services, lifestyle, and food and agriculture. USD 71.1bn worth of deals were signed at the expo, a 23% increase from the first CIIE. An estimated 910,000 people attended the event.

The Axis Group team consisted of Kobus van der Wath, Founder and CEO; Rachel Wu, MD China; Barbie Co, Director; Haiwei Huang, Director; Elvis Qu, Director; and, Cameron O’Neill, Business Strategy Analyst. Events such as CIIE provide great insight into the consumer trends of our key strategic market for our clients.

Registration has already begun for the 2020 CIIE, with eager sellers already taking the initiative mere days after the conclusion of the second expo. As China continues to move forwards with this global event, ever increasing number of attendees and deals are expected from each iteration.

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